Molotow 327HS 4-8MM Basic Set1 6st

€ 35,95

SET OF 6 x ONE4ALL™ 327HS acrylic markers with exchangeable 4-8 mm Chisel-Tip.

1 x 006 zinc yellow
1 x 013 traffic red
1 x 161 shock blue middle
1 x 200 neon pink
1 x 180 signal black
1 x 160 signal white


The Molotow ONE4ALL™ 327HS 4-8mm Chisel Tip marker is a pump marker with an interchangeable 4-8mm Chisel Tip for calligraphic artworks filled with One4all paint – the new reference class in the marker field. Unparalleled coverage, bright colours (100% UV resistant), patented Flowmaster ™ pump valve for active paint flow control and with the patented capillary technology.